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I need to get some quick wireframes out the door. I was going to do them in Omnigraffle, but as someone I know and respect said, it kinda gets in the way. I’ll have to see if that holds true for Justinmind. They could certainly do with a faster server, 23 minutes for a 63M file is a little much. I guess I can go make some espresso now…

…and, not a fan.

A suggestion for Freelancer.com

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I registered over there today and looked through the listings. Here are a couple of things that I think would be good ideas:

Add captcha to try and stop all the scripted autobids from Bulgaria. How in the world can anyone posting a project take any of the bids seriously with that going on? Much less give any kind of server access to actually fix problems. Yeah, I’m sure I’d let one of those guys in…

Get rid of the captcha monkeys. Good lord. No wonder spam is so bad. They even have an executable to download on one of them. Seriously?

Get rid of the “Buy 5000 fans on Facebook” contracts.

Ban the Craigslist spammers.

The site is a good idea, but good lord, it’s almost like wading through crack or keygen sites, kind of cesspoolish.

Once again…

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… I was fooled. It looked like Windows might be the path of least resistance for a project. And, once again, burned. There’s three hours of my life I’ll never get back. Hello again, Ubuntu.

Lots of stuff to experiment with.

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I read a post over at Smiley Cat about a Java script physics engine that is located on Sourceforge. I’m going to use it for the splash page  at http://sparkyguzman.com. A couple of good examples of what is possible with it are:

The Google search is pretty awesome.

I’m getting tired of CMS and blog platforms, so I figure I will start throwing stuff at it to see what I like. There is no live site at Guzman’s at the moment, only the husk of one, so feel free to drop in on it and see the varying stages of disarray, experiments, and tests as it goes up. Sparky isn’t very bright, so he won’t even notice.

Old-schooling a website…

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… for my buddy Sparky. And it’s fun! Gonna throw a bit of HTML 5 in there just for shits and giggles. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I thought I was listening to Lucinda Williams

Posted: 24th June 2010 by Chris in Music
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But it’s not! It’s Carrie Rodriguez singing “50′s French Movie”! I’m in love:

Occasionally, lucidity abounds.

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I hit a birthday this weekend, and some stuff happened back home with my grandmother that got me thinking. I put up a site a while back, and I guess it’s time to start pushing it:

The first badge kind of says it all.

Little Mo

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there, but it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Little Missouri River in Southwest Arkansas has some decent whitewater at higher levels and sits in a beautiful steep walled valley. It’s close to the Cossatot, which can get class V at higher levels, so it was a haunt of ours back in Arkansas. People used to look at us when we pulled into Albert Pike, then at the Little Mo, then back at us and one of them would inevitably say, “You boys is gonna die.”

It was the scene of one of the worst days of all time that I had in a kayak. We were chasing thunderstorms with boats on top of the car. It was raining like crazy and every creek and river in the area was coming up. We had just left Albert Pike and stopped at a store to call our gang and let them know the boating was good. This was before cell phones were widespread, so I was on a pay-phone that was attached to a telephone pole, talking to a buddy in Hot Springs and trying to convince him that even though it was 4:30am, it would be a good time to get his boat and meet us. That’s when lighting struck the telephone pole, arced out of it and into my arm. It didn’t kill me, obviously, but it toasted the phone pretty well and when I looked around I was ten feet from where I had been. “What the hell was that?” the voice on the other end asked through the chopped up static of the burned out receiver. “Lightning, just get down here, I have to find a new phone.” was my response.

I should have called it quits and gone back home and to bed right then and there. But, no. On Baker Creek I got sucked under a tree. Me and the boat came out and I rolled up OK, but my paddle stayed with the tree. I used someone’s webbed gloves to hand paddle the rest of the way out. I really should have called it quits there. Alas, no.

On the ‘Tot, which was running pretty well, but not all that high, I blew the lead in to the Machine and managed to kiss Cannonball with my head. At that point, I was pretty dizzy and dis-oriented, so I did get out of the boat for the day. But, then I went to set safety and fell. I ended up hanging upside down with my right leg caught in a crevice while a little stream of the ‘Tot shot over the rock and water-boarded me. That was the worst sit-up I’ve ever had to do.

It pains me greatly to see what has happened in the Albert Pike Campground. The place is absolutely gorgeous. I hope they have found all of the tragedy they will find. My thoughts go out to the families who have lost someone there. I hope all of my old boating buddies are OK.

What has happened to Joe Lieberman?

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Seriously folks, he has turned into a serious hand-wringer. “Emergency Powers” to take control of civilian networks? What in the world is he thinking? If we get attacked, I say we just issue /b/ carte blanche to respond. I have more faith in those guys than I do in turning networks over to the government. /b/ would probably wreak some havoc on those they are defending, but with the gov’t we’d probably never get the networks back.

And Cortez burned his ships…

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… so that his men were properly motivated. I’m not sure that actually happened. But I’m all in now, lets see if I can keep the proper motivation!

A side note. I’m on page 2 of Google Image search for “iPoop”, I’m not sure that’s an honor.