The Google Gambit

Posted: 14th August 2010 by Chris in General, News, Web
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The Google and Verizon deal. Man, it’s got to suck to be Verizon at this point. I bet they thought they had a powerful ally in Google and were slobbering at the chance to cash in.

It’s pretty plain to see that Google can’t lose in this scenario.

  • Net neutrality = big win.
  • Tiered internet = meh.

Google has forced the issue, and it seems it might actually come down on the side of the consumer, who is sick to death of being nickel and dimed by the telecoms. Come on EFF and FCC, take this opportunity to make it stick and keep the net neutral. Maybe Google can sabotage it’s own defense in this case. It will certainly work in their favor.

Kinda reminds me of the frog and the scorpion getting across the river. Except this time, the scorpion has wings. I’ve always liked Google, they have good products. I’ve also always kept a wary eye on them. It looks like Verizon should have been doing the same thing.

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