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I just got through catching up on the news and read an article over at 9news on bicycle traffic at the Colorado National Monument.

Bike traffic appears to be up 31% since 2008. Here’s a quote from the article that has me a little perplexed:

Superintendent Joan Anzelmo tells The Daily Sentinel newspaper in Grand Junction that it’s “beyond belief” that no cyclists have been killed given how heavy traffic is.

Wow, even when there are no problems and bikes and cars manage to peacefully co-exist, someone always seems to want to impose restrictions.

For those not familiar with the Colorado National Monument, it’s not a statue, it’s kind of like a mini Grand Canyon:

It’s also the location of some of the climbing scenes in the “Hell of the West” portion of American Flyers:

It’s a park, not a highway. Eventually, someone will lose control and go shooting over the edge or into traffic, could be a biker or it could be a driver. It will happen. But imposing restrictions probably won’t make any difference. Cars are usually going so slowly there that I’m not sure what restrictions could be imposed that would improve on the 0% death-rate. It’s not a death-trap, so don’t take a good thing and muck it all up. Hopefully the concern is sincere. For my part, I’ll be watching for the “to protect the children” statement that usually follows.

Hmm, improving on a 0% death rate, the only way I can see that happening is if she brings in a Voodoo priest and suddenly we have zombie bikers appearing. If they keep it to a -3.0% rate, that would give plenty of cushion without them eating the brains of too many West Slopers.

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