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Posted: 25th March 2010 by Chris in News, Web
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Google pulled the plug on censoring in China. While I’m not quite convinced Google is always acting in my best interest, this time they’ve put their money where their mouth is and appear to be taking a stand. Microsoft, of course, is hemming and hawing and probably looking for a way to cash in. As it turns out, we’re not actually helpless, so, I’ll do my tiny bit to help turn the screws.

Today I’m blocking MSNBot and Baiduspider user agents until they pull the plug on censorship. If it comes down to it, I’ll start banning by IP. I haven’t checked to see what Yahoo! is doing, but if it is nothing, they’ll join the list, too. Feel free to join in. Maybe this is something that can actually be crowd sourced.

Looks like Yahoo! needs a bit of a nudge, too.

It looks like it’s working… Besides user agents, I’ve also blocked referrals from search engines that censor in China. Here’s the message they will get (hopefully).

You are either a bot from a company that censors in China or you’ve linked from a search engine that censors in China.

Try linking directly, using a search engine that doesn’t censor in China, or wait for your search engine to stop censoring and we’ll let you in.

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