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I caught up on cycling news this weekend (again against my better judgement). Not much has changed on the doping front. People get caught and then say, “oh yeah, it’s easy to beat the system.” A blast from the past re-appeared, Simeoni.

I really like this guy. Simeoni could possibly be a tool, he could be a jerk, he could be a drama queen. But he gave the Italian National Champion’s Jersey back! Was he supposed to kiss Armstrong’s ring to be allowed in the Giro? That is one helluva refusal. Panache, that’s what this guy has.

If you are looking for history on the Armstrong/Simeoni feud, here’s a little bit from the Village Voice, and a bit from the archives here.

Given the current state of pro cycling, Simeoni looks like a bright spot.

Tony Ortega of the Village Voice asked a question about this year’s Giro and Le Tour:

Am I the only one who wonders what the hell this comeback was about if Armstrong isn’t going to try winning (sic) any of the big races?

Could it be the scrutiny being applied and his “full access” having been shown to be a bit farcical? Bundle that up with Kohl’s admission of how easy it is to dope, and maybe the chance of getting caught red-handed is the answer.

So, Simeoni, I’m glad to see you are still around, still not taking shit from anyone, and doing it in a grandiose manner.  My suggestion still stands, write that book! I still like my idea for a title: No, Really, It’s About the Bike.

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