Armstrong for Pink

Posted: 16th October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Rant
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You know, I can’t help myself, I keep going to Cycling News to see what’s going on, despite my better judgment. Maybe it’s the Giro and not the Tour next year for Armstrong.

Here’s a quote from Lance about him appearing in Le Tour next year:

“Everybody knows about its importance but there are the problems with the organisers, journalists and fans. This could be detracting from my main goal, the global awareness of the fight against cancer.” – Cycling News

Mr. Armstrong, the trouble isn’t with the journalists or fans. The organizers, well, I can see that. But the real trouble is that the sport that gave you a worldwide stage is dying. The sad thing is that it is dying by its own hand. What’s worse than that — all we hear from you is, “I never tested positive.” I really don’t care that you never tested positive. I’ve never been arrested for peeing in alleys. Who cares? At some point, you’ve got to stop worrying about recriminations.

How about stepping up to the plate, along with that guy you seem to loathe, Greg LeMond, and help get some real changes made? The two greatest American riders and the bankroll and press that follow would be hard to ignore. It would be like Superman and the Batman working together. Hell, you can even be Superman since we know for a fact that Greg isn’t bulletproof.

Are you going to tell me that the two of you and all the resources you could bring together couldn’t put together a plan (between kicking each other in the sack) that would make it infinitely harder to dope? He seems to be stepping up, in his Dark Knight fashion. You seem to be backing off. Don’t leave Batman alone while he tries FTW. Hell, bring back all the old Posties to get it done and turn it into the Justice League, just not this Justice League.

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