The “Talking Heads” are on

Posted: 26th September 2008 by Chris in General, News
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The analysis has already begun. The talking heads are already speaking about how important gestures and make-up are going to be, referring back to Nixon’s pasty-faced debacle with Kennedy. I hope that anyone who is going to vote isn’t that, well, retarded. I also hope for substance over style tonight. With all that’s going on, I think we deserve that much, we’ve already had enough smoke blown up our asses. If I hear one pundit mention the color of ties or rolled up sleeves, I think they ought to be sacked by whoever their boss happens to be.


Chip Reid – CBS… Fire him, he came on to tell us McCain’s pre-debate meal. Shame on you CBS.

Taking a shot everytime they say “Main Street”. I’m gonna be blitzed.

Was waiting and waiting — finally the “V for Vendatta” routine kicks off.


Oh, no, the pedal smashers are now on, except this year they have a “joystick”. I doubt very many switched their affiliations tonight.


Maybe the most telling thing about the debate is who is missing among the spin doctors in the aftermath. Palin is dodging reporters.

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