The Great Snarkleberry Mystery

Posted: 3rd September 2008 by Chris in General
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Today was Dakota Ridge with a loop back up to the top of Matthews/Winters. If the lack of true of my wheels is any indication of how much fun I had, I had a blast. There was, however, a mystery when I looped back up the frontside of Matthews/Winters.

The great anaerobic beast that used to be my best friend in rocky switchbacks and ledge hopping turned into a treacherous fiend. A fiend that kept kicking me in the snarkleberries every time I made a move. I couldn’t keep my heart under control. Even the cross country run back in to the lot made my legs feel extremely heavy. Then I got to the parking lot and I finally heard it, the back wheel was rubbing on the brake pad and on the chainstay.

So besides the wheel (I probably needed the extra work anyway), it was a good ride. I got to see two Chinese Nose Wheelies. One on the waterbar section of Dakota, the other at the rock jumble on the backside of Matthews. The one on Dakota was pretty amazing, he didn’t let go of the bars and almost came back upright. No one was hurt in the process.

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