12 days

Posted: 31st August 2008 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General, Outdoors
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12 days and counting where I’ve seen the frontside of the sunrise. I feel privy to an unseen waking smile while the world clears its eyes for a new day. All the gear is together, half a pot of coffee is consumed (the rest waiting on ice for the heat of the day), and I haven’t decided where to ride. I’ll figure it out when it’s in front of me.

Keeping my eyes peeled for bears.


Today’s ride: “Sweet! Switchback! switchback, switchback, switchback, fun switchback! switchback, switchback, fun switchback! tunnel vision, recover… recover… recover… ack! waterbars! switchback, switchback, aaarrgh! waterbars! Somebody call FEMA!”

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