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I thought I was listening to Lucinda Williams

Posted: 24th June 2010 by Chris in Music
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But it’s not! It’s Carrie Rodriguez singing “50′s French Movie”! I’m in love:

Occasionally, lucidity abounds.

Posted: 22nd June 2010 by Chris in General, Web
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I hit a birthday this weekend, and some stuff happened back home with my grandmother that got me thinking. I put up a site a while back, and I guess it’s time to start pushing it: The first badge kind of says it all.

Little Mo

Posted: 11th June 2010 by Chris in Outdoors
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there, but it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Little Missouri River in Southwest Arkansas has some decent whitewater at higher levels and sits in a beautiful steep walled valley. It’s close to the Cossatot, which can get class V at higher [...]

What has happened to Joe Lieberman?

Posted: 2nd June 2010 by Chris in General, News, Rant, Web
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Seriously folks, he has turned into a serious hand-wringer. “Emergency Powers” to take control of civilian networks? What in the world is he thinking? If we get attacked, I say we just issue /b/ carte blanche to respond. I have more faith in those guys than I do in turning networks over to the government. [...]