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Got your back

Posted: 25th March 2010 by Chris in News, Web
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Google pulled the plug on censoring in China. While I’m not quite convinced Google is always acting in my best interest, this time they’ve put their money where their mouth is and appear to be taking a stand. Microsoft, of course, is hemming and hawing and probably looking for a way to cash in. As [...]

No more Lala on Google it seems

Posted: 18th March 2010 by Chris in Music, News, Web
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No more Lala results floating at the top of my Google searches? Apple and Google seem to be locked in mortal combat. Who is going to lose this one? Probably not Microsoft or Amazon. Seems Lala has made a reappearance.

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Episode #2 has me laughing so hard I almost suffocate. As a result, I’m temporarily insane and I just can’t help it. With my new-found skills, taught to me by Donnie Hoyle, I thought I’d get a jump on the iPad. Here are some wallpapers with a realistic ad campaign for the device. 1280×800

Wildlife surprises in Colorado

Posted: 8th March 2010 by Chris in Denver, Outdoors
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Lara and I went on a muddy hike down at Roxborough State Park with the intention of shooting over the ridge and heading into Waterton Canyon. It was a little too muddy for that, so we stuck to one of the wider, drier trails. We ran into a couple of mule deer who did not [...]