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Paying for it

Posted: 28th June 2009 by Chris in General
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Bike season is well underway here in the Front Range. My headaches are back with a vengeance. I’ve been back to the doctor and had some tests scheduled. I wanted symptoms to be present for the tests, so I went and did everything I know will kick them off. Wheelie drops, bunny hopping, taking air [...]

King of Pop

Posted: 26th June 2009 by Chris in Music, News
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Michael Jackson is gone. One thing I think everyone can agree on is that he was a truly tragic figure. Where I differ from most is that I wasn’t a fan. Get past Motown and I didn’t like his music. He was talented, but I thought it was over produced, over-hyped, and over the years, [...]

Another Sunday Morning

Posted: 21st June 2009 by Chris in Music
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I am really liking early Sunday mornings. This time sans CBS. has really been stepping up to the plate lately, I may have said that before. I’ve actually gone out and bought four or five albums from Amazon in the last couple of months, all have been bands I hadn’t seen before I heard [...]

Ride time…

Posted: 18th June 2009 by Chris in Biking, General
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The Excedrin isn’t cutting it anymore. The Excedrin + Stranahan’s isn’t cutting it anymore. Even the Excedrin + Stranahan’s + Vicodin isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’ve read here for any length of time, you’re probably annoyed with the ride induced headache references I’ve made over the years. I assure you, you’re not nearly as [...]

Here it comes…

Posted: 9th June 2009 by Chris in General, Music, News
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Payola in reverse? One bit I read compares the radio market in the U.S. to North Korea. Man, they are laying it on thick trying to get HR 848 passed. Making radio stations pay to play music. Pretty soon singing in the car will require a license, now that would be like living in North [...]

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I caught up on cycling news this weekend (again against my better judgement). Not much has changed on the doping front. People get caught and then say, “oh yeah, it’s easy to beat the system.” A blast from the past re-appeared, Simeoni. I really like this guy. Simeoni could possibly be a tool, he could [...]

Why does Ben Stein still peddle his wisdom?

Posted: 7th June 2009 by Chris in General, News, Rant
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It’s a nice Sunday morning, I seem to have defeated my riding headache from yesterday before it got a chance to really set itself up, and I’m enjoying coffee and catching up on the news.  CBS Sunday morning is pretty innocuous, bubble gum news, and then Ben Stein shows up. This is the same Ben [...]