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RDPDD.dll failed to load

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Equipment, Software
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I received a new HP workstation last week at work, had to rush it into deployment because another one failed.  No sweat, I thought, same model, same build, there will be no issues. Uh hunh. My user comes to me and tells me that he can’t RDP into the machine. Hmm, I thought, it has [...]

Sobering day

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Denver, Equipment, General, News, Podcasting, Software
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I went down to the REI at Confluence today to pick up some odds and ends for the summer. Everything was going pretty well, I got my stuff and headed home. I drove up Colfax and traffic was snarled. It took a few minutes before I saw why it was snarled. There was a woman [...]


Posted: 4th May 2009 by Chris in Music
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How is it that the live version of David Gray’s Wisdom is soooo much better than the canned version?

Swine flu blitz

Posted: 2nd May 2009 by Chris in Web
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I wondered how long it would take: