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Armstrong for Pink

Posted: 16th October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Rant
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You know, I can’t help myself, I keep going to Cycling News to see what’s going on, despite my better judgment. Maybe it’s the Giro and not the Tour next year for Armstrong. Here’s a quote from Lance about him appearing in Le Tour next year: “Everybody knows about its importance but there are the [...]

Bookmarks for October 15th from 00:10 to 00:10

Posted: 15th October 2008 by Chris in General
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These are my links for October 15th from 00:10 to 00:10: iPhone Developer Tips, Tricks and Tutorials » Real Men Don’t Use Interface Builder – Here is a simple set of steps you can take to prepare a new project that doesn’t “hide” anything behind InterfaceBuilder.

I’m with Greg

Posted: 11th October 2008 by Chris in Biking, General
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Greg LeMond, if he’s crazy, he’s my kind of crazy. Go get them Greg. The list of riders returning to the peloton looks like the mafia coming home to Sicily: Armstrong, Vino, Basso, Hamilton, Landis. The shadow of doping hangs heavy over this crowd. What should be done about it? “It should be up to [...]

Can they be trained to run banks?

Posted: 7th October 2008 by Chris in General
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I wonder what the health care plan for these two is like?

Warren Buffett for Treasury Secretary

Posted: 6th October 2008 by Chris in General
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And if not him, I think I would be comfortable having him performing oversight over the “rescue” plan. It’s long, but well worth the hour it takes to watch it:

Getting really tired…

Posted: 5th October 2008 by Chris in Rant, Web
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… of whatever Microsoft is doing with their inept search bots. The most informative thread so far is over at webmaster world. I’m still getting the same type of stupid one word searches, but now they have changed it up.  The “form=QBHP” deal is the same, but check out the referral link: Uh hunh [...]

Fighting the urge to hibernate

Posted: 1st October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Denver, Equipment, General, Software
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The last five days have been pretty much devoted to the bike. I broke out the truing stand and got my back wheel in shape this weekend. It took some tweaking on Saturday and Sunday but has held steady for the last three days. I’ve seen Waterton Canyon three times (no big horns sighted, bummer), [...]