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Posted: 14th October 2006 by Chris in Biking, General, Outdoors, Western Slope
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I got some much needed sleep last night, and was up bright and early to get my ride on.  It was drizzling when I walked out of the hotel, so I headed downtown to get some coffee at Aspen. I was welcomed by ‘Tater, at least I think that’s his name. He seems to be [...]

Moab – No Vacancy

Posted: 13th October 2006 by Chris in Biking, General, Outdoors
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Our annual operations conference let out a little early today. The timing was a blessing, as last night I’ll remember for a while as the “Night of the Dirty Martinis”. Top that with my insomniac behavior, and it makes for a very very long day. Once out, I boogied and headed for Moab. Well, I [...]

Sam’s Town

Posted: 6th October 2006 by Chris in General, Music
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A friend of mine has a copy of the Killers’ Hot Fuss. I heard a couple of tunes off of it and caught them on Saturday Night Live. The SNL set had to be one of the worst live performances since Ashley Simpson. Young Colonel Sanders (aka Brandon Flowers), couldn’t carry a tune in a [...]

How ’bout them apples

Posted: 3rd October 2006 by Chris in General, News, Outdoors
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Whenever I related a story about the squirrels at my old place, people would look at me like I had three eyes.  My old place had two apple trees. This time of year, the squirrels would get into them and get absolutely blitzed. I’d walk out the front door after hearing noises, and would see [...]


Posted: 1st October 2006 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General, Outdoors
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I hit Apex yesterday with Roger the Dodger, and it didn’t disappoint. The Apex trail itself is still rocky and a rough ride (saw a guy carrying a broken frame out), and the climb on Pick n Sledge still hurts (especially in the sun). The bad news now, the king of all switchbacks has been [...]