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Net Neutrality

Posted: 28th June 2006 by Chris in General, News, Web
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I sent a letter to our CEO today, urging that we join the net neutrality fight. Copy below. This is short notice, but there’s currently a bill before Congress that could change the way the Internet operates. It could mean higher costs to get traffic to our sites. Net Neutrality is the concept that end [...]

Russian spambot mapping engine

Posted: 26th June 2006 by Chris in General, Web
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My logs have looked a little strange lately, like some sort of crawler was spoofing IP addresses and crawling around my site.  Looks like one of the Bolsheviks messed up, because I found a referring reference in my logs.  Here’s a link to what appears to be (by Babelfish translation) a web interface for an [...]

Simple Spatial

Posted: 24th June 2006 by Chris in General, Software, Web
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Ok, the nifty way to do KML’s shouldn’t be a mystery, as it’s high in the Google search. But this is for those that are too lazy to FGI it (like me sometimes):

Lightning + Trees

Posted: 21st June 2006 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General, Outdoors
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Well, this is a bit sobering. Two posts in a row about wild fires. Yesterday it was about Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. Today I stirred from the house at about 4:00. Not bad after last night. From the parking lot at the local coffee shop I could see smoke plumes rising from Waterton Canyon. [...]

Oak Creek Canyon

Posted: 20th June 2006 by Chris in Biking, General, News, Outdoors
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One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen is on the verge of burning up. Sedona sits at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, which is in danger of going up in smoke due to a transients campfire. Having lived there before and seeing some comments online, I’ll cut to the chase and [...]

New Section

Posted: 3rd June 2006 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General, Outdoors, Software, Web
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I’ve started a new section on the Blog called Front Range Trails. On it, there will be trail descriptions and my preferred routes through those trails. “Just like 1000 other people, you say.” Well, sort of, but it doesn’t end there. I found a nifty way to map my favorite mountain bike trails in Google [...]