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Gadgets for Podcasting

Posted: 21st January 2006 by Chris in Equipment, General, Podcasting
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It’s taken a while to put together a package of equipment that I feel comfortable using to make podcasts. Surprisingly, some of the cheaper equipment works better than some of the more expensive. At first, I tried the condensor mic built into my Powerbook. Too much background noise made it in. Next, I picked up [...]

Google is my hero.

Posted: 20th January 2006 by Chris in News, Web
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Like most everyone, I’ve been sitting back, watching Google grow to an enormous size. I’ve been concerned they’ve grown too large. But lately, they’ve been swinging their big bats in what I consider my defense. I’m sure they have their own reasons for taking the stands they are taking, but I consider it defending my [...]

First Post

Posted: 20th January 2006 by Chris in General
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Linearpull is long gone, can’t even find it in the Google caches. I’m a bit hesitant to do a blog here since it is tied to pb-and-j. These days, speaking your mind can cost you. But what the hell, I’ve always tried to buck conventional wisdom. So, welcome to the pb-and-j blog!