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I so want this

Posted: 14th August 2010 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General
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Today I read a little Wallace Stevens and I tuned my bike. And look what popped up via the Starving Artist Cafe: Attain

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I just got through catching up on the news and read an article over at 9news on bicycle traffic at the Colorado National Monument. Bike traffic appears to be up 31% since 2008. Here’s a quote from the article that has me a little perplexed: Superintendent Joan Anzelmo tells The Daily Sentinel newspaper in Grand [...]

Retro-Grouch Alert

Posted: 30th July 2009 by Chris in Biking, Equipment
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I got all excited when I saw GT has a new single speed for the masses, the “Peace”. Skipping the smart ass comments about the name, I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind it’s stock build. Here is a picture and the specs. If you’re not going to put suspension on the thing, why [...]

Best bike prank

Posted: 14th July 2009 by Chris in Biking, Equipment
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A while ago, I worked as a guide/mechanic/barista in a pretty cool bike shop.  Our lead mechanic was spot on and actually did time on Le Tour. I trusted him to work on my bikes, and didn’t really hesitate to leave them around the shop. One day, I got on my fully to make a [...]

Ride time…

Posted: 18th June 2009 by Chris in Biking, General
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The Excedrin isn’t cutting it anymore. The Excedrin + Stranahan’s isn’t cutting it anymore. Even the Excedrin + Stranahan’s + Vicodin isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’ve read here for any length of time, you’re probably annoyed with the ride induced headache references I’ve made over the years. I assure you, you’re not nearly as [...]

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I caught up on cycling news this weekend (again against my better judgement). Not much has changed on the doping front. People get caught and then say, “oh yeah, it’s easy to beat the system.” A blast from the past re-appeared, Simeoni. I really like this guy. Simeoni could possibly be a tool, he could [...]

I knew there was a reason…

Posted: 19th April 2009 by Chris in Biking, General, News, Outdoors
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…I was staying away from Cycling News. Hamilton positive, Armstrong dodging testers. It’s become a sick, tired joke. There are only so many times you can listen to the same thing again and again without losing the capability to believe a word that’s said.

Fruita or bust…

Posted: 16th April 2009 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General
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…and it’s bust. A winter storm warning is in place and even with my new super snow machine, I don’t think the drive will be anywhere near reasonable enough to make it to the other side of the mountains. No Mike the Headless Chicken or ‘Tater this weekend. It’s probably a good thing, I am [...]

Armstrong for Pink

Posted: 16th October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Rant
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You know, I can’t help myself, I keep going to Cycling News to see what’s going on, despite my better judgment. Maybe it’s the Giro and not the Tour next year for Armstrong. Here’s a quote from Lance about him appearing in Le Tour next year: “Everybody knows about its importance but there are the [...]

I’m with Greg

Posted: 11th October 2008 by Chris in Biking, General
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Greg LeMond, if he’s crazy, he’s my kind of crazy. Go get them Greg. The list of riders returning to the peloton looks like the mafia coming home to Sicily: Armstrong, Vino, Basso, Hamilton, Landis. The shadow of doping hangs heavy over this crowd. What should be done about it? “It should be up to [...]