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System Requirement for Visual Studio 2008

Posted: 5th November 2009 by Chris in Development, Software
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Requirements vary for different combinations of components within Visual Studio 2008 Professional Editions. To install Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, you need: Computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor Visual Studio 2008 can be installed on the following operating systems: Windows Vista® (x86 & x64) – all editions except Starter Edition Windows® XP (x86 & [...]

RDPDD.dll failed to load

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Equipment, Software
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I received a new HP workstation last week at work, had to rush it into deployment because another one failed.  No sweat, I thought, same model, same build, there will be no issues. Uh hunh. My user comes to me and tells me that he can’t RDP into the machine. Hmm, I thought, it has [...]

Sobering day

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Denver, Equipment, General, News, Podcasting, Software
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I went down to the REI at Confluence today to pick up some odds and ends for the summer. Everything was going pretty well, I got my stuff and headed home. I drove up Colfax and traffic was snarled. It took a few minutes before I saw why it was snarled. There was a woman [...]

Hrm, could turn to spaghetti…

Posted: 28th April 2009 by Chris in General, Software
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I found Buzz’s photos of the spherification experiment. He didn’t do what I thought he did, and the results were not what was expected. I’m glad I ordered extra, this may take some luck.

Barracuda, and not the cool Heart song

Posted: 23rd April 2009 by Chris in Equipment, General, Software
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This week started with me in a giant hole. The barracuda lost DNS and decided to stop delivering mail Monday morning. I have no idea why. Everything was configured correctly, but after an hour and a half, it decided it was OK to start delivering mail. I did update secondary DNS on it, but really [...]

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I’m not sure why Dunkin Donuts is so proud of their products or why they claim to be “blue collar”. I come from a blue collar town where Dunkin could not get a foot-hold, why? Their coffee sucked and their donuts tasted like crap. The local chain blew them out of the water at every [...]

Fighting the urge to hibernate

Posted: 1st October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Denver, Equipment, General, Software
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The last five days have been pretty much devoted to the bike. I broke out the truing stand and got my back wheel in shape this weekend. It took some tweaking on Saturday and Sunday but has held steady for the last three days. I’ve seen Waterton Canyon three times (no big horns sighted, bummer), [...]

New I’m a PC ad

Posted: 19th September 2008 by Chris in General, News, Software
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After pulling the creepy Gates and Seinfeld ads, Microsoft apparently has a new “I’m a PC.” campaign (via Macrumors). Towards the end, they show an astronaut proudly saying “I’m a PC.” What they forget to mention is this: Computer viruses make it to orbit

DMV again and I love Wordle

Posted: 16th September 2008 by Chris in Denver, General, Software, Wallpaper, Web
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I think I must’ve had the quickest turnarounds ever at the emissions place and the DMV. Another stop at Mocha Motive as well. The caramel roll — delicious! Wordle is just about the coolest online toy there is. I love it! With just a little bit of lens flare and plastic wrap, I made a [...]

Late Start and VMWare Fusion

Posted: 12th September 2008 by Chris in General, Software
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My headache is finally gone. I took advantage and caught up on sleep, getting a famously late (I really love that song) start.  With a clear head, I can say that VMWare is turning out to be my favorite company. I just got done downloading and the installing Fusion 2 beta, and I am impressed. With [...]