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Retro-Grouch Alert

Posted: 30th July 2009 by Chris in Biking, Equipment
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I got all excited when I saw GT has a new single speed for the masses, the “Peace”. Skipping the smart ass comments about the name, I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind it’s stock build. Here is a picture and the specs. If you’re not going to put suspension on the thing, why [...]

Best bike prank

Posted: 14th July 2009 by Chris in Biking, Equipment
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A while ago, I worked as a guide/mechanic/barista in a pretty cool bike shop.  Our lead mechanic was spot on and actually did time on Le Tour. I trusted him to work on my bikes, and didn’t really hesitate to leave them around the shop. One day, I got on my fully to make a [...]

RDPDD.dll failed to load

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Equipment, Software
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I received a new HP workstation last week at work, had to rush it into deployment because another one failed.  No sweat, I thought, same model, same build, there will be no issues. Uh hunh. My user comes to me and tells me that he can’t RDP into the machine. Hmm, I thought, it has [...]

Sobering day

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Denver, Equipment, General, News, Podcasting, Software
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I went down to the REI at Confluence today to pick up some odds and ends for the summer. Everything was going pretty well, I got my stuff and headed home. I drove up Colfax and traffic was snarled. It took a few minutes before I saw why it was snarled. There was a woman [...]

Barracuda, and not the cool Heart song

Posted: 23rd April 2009 by Chris in Equipment, General, Software
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This week started with me in a giant hole. The barracuda lost DNS and decided to stop delivering mail Monday morning. I have no idea why. Everything was configured correctly, but after an hour and a half, it decided it was OK to start delivering mail. I did update secondary DNS on it, but really [...]

Procurve Slurpee

Posted: 18th April 2009 by Chris in Equipment, Rant
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The snow is coming down again, and my new Procurve decided I really, really needed to experience the weather. At least the texts and calls didn’t start until 8:00am, so I did get some good sleep. I waded through the dirty Slurpee conditions to reset it. Thanks HP. I was warm, now I’m freezing and [...]

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I’m not sure why Dunkin Donuts is so proud of their products or why they claim to be “blue collar”. I come from a blue collar town where Dunkin could not get a foot-hold, why? Their coffee sucked and their donuts tasted like crap. The local chain blew them out of the water at every [...]

Fighting the urge to hibernate

Posted: 1st October 2008 by Chris in Biking, Denver, Equipment, General, Software
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The last five days have been pretty much devoted to the bike. I broke out the truing stand and got my back wheel in shape this weekend. It took some tweaking on Saturday and Sunday but has held steady for the last three days. I’ve seen Waterton Canyon three times (no big horns sighted, bummer), [...]

Fun with FSR

Posted: 14th March 2007 by Chris in Biking, Equipment, General, Outdoors
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Back in the day, I bought the first version of the Stumpjumper FSR XC. It was a very very nice ride. I rode the crap out of that bike. I went through four drive trains, two front forks, and three wheelsets. I finally had to put it down a couple of years ago because the [...]


Posted: 27th August 2006 by Chris in Biking, Denver, Equipment, General, Outdoors
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I keep an eye on the bike postings on Craiglists (Denver/Boulder) for good deals. One thing I’ve noticed lately is this guy selling older MTB’s as single speeds. He brands the rebuilt bikes as ReSSurection (the cap SS is short for… duh, Single Speed). I’d thought of doing just that, as single speeds are generally [...]