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Why does Ben Stein still peddle his wisdom?

Posted: 7th June 2009 by Chris in General, News, Rant
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It’s a nice Sunday morning, I seem to have defeated my riding headache from yesterday before it got a chance to really set itself up, and I’m enjoying coffee and catching up on the news.  CBS Sunday morning is pretty innocuous, bubble gum news, and then Ben Stein shows up. This is the same Ben [...]

Sobering day

Posted: 30th May 2009 by Chris in Denver, Equipment, General, News, Podcasting, Software
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I went down to the REI at Confluence today to pick up some odds and ends for the summer. Everything was going pretty well, I got my stuff and headed home. I drove up Colfax and traffic was snarled. It took a few minutes before I saw why it was snarled. There was a woman [...]

I knew there was a reason…

Posted: 19th April 2009 by Chris in Biking, General, News, Outdoors
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…I was staying away from Cycling News. Hamilton positive, Armstrong dodging testers. It’s become a sick, tired joke. There are only so many times you can listen to the same thing again and again without losing the capability to believe a word that’s said.

The “Talking Heads” are on

Posted: 26th September 2008 by Chris in General, News
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The analysis has already begun. The talking heads are already speaking about how important gestures and make-up are going to be, referring back to Nixon’s pasty-faced debacle with Kennedy. I hope that anyone who is going to vote isn’t that, well, retarded. I also hope for substance over style tonight. With all that’s going on, [...]

Daxx? What would “The Sisko” think?

Posted: 23rd September 2008 by Chris in Denver, General, News
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Breaking news… Some kid in Aurora, named after a Star Trek character, got suspended for refusing to take off a crappily handmade t-shirt that says “Obama, a terrorist’s best friend.” It’s not going to work this election (that’s for you, Star Trek character’s dad). I say let him wear the shirt, really, who cares? Every [...]

New I’m a PC ad

Posted: 19th September 2008 by Chris in General, News, Software
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After pulling the creepy Gates and Seinfeld ads, Microsoft apparently has a new “I’m a PC.” campaign (via Macrumors). Towards the end, they show an astronaut proudly saying “I’m a PC.” What they forget to mention is this: Computer viruses make it to orbit

CERN, strangelets, and mini-blackholes

Posted: 10th September 2008 by Chris in General, News
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I read with deep alarm that when CERN fires off its huge particle accelerator it could produce a variety of planet eating constructs (strangelets being my favorite). I also thought that today was the day they were going to take the plunge. I’m kind of relieved that it wasn’t today. There is a primary question [...]

Summer of Gas – Enron Style

Posted: 20th May 2007 by Chris in Denver, General, News, Rant
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Gas prices are up. It’s not surprising to me that the Steve Raabe of the Rocky Mountain News is reporting this morning that four refineries that supply gas to Colorado are shut down or running below capacity for “maintenance and repairs”. To me, it smells of the “screw California” move that Enron rolled out to [...]

How ’bout them apples

Posted: 3rd October 2006 by Chris in General, News, Outdoors
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Whenever I related a story about the squirrels at my old place, people would look at me like I had three eyes.  My old place had two apple trees. This time of year, the squirrels would get into them and get absolutely blitzed. I’d walk out the front door after hearing noises, and would see [...]

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Cyclingnews reports Massimo Martelli (Ivan Basso’s attorney) as saying: “Birillo is supposed to be the name of Basso’s dog. But yesterday, I heard his daughter Domitilla call the dog ‘Tarello’ – I don’t think that at two years of age, a child could be wrong about the name of its dog.” This in an attempt [...]