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As they come up, I’ll post explanations about what some of the errors thrown on Facebook mean. This one is one of the more serious issues: Internal Server Error – Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference “This number will vary” Internal Server Error – [...]

Diaspora get hacked? or is it a joke?

Posted: 15th September 2010 by Chris in Development, News, Software, Web
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I popped in on the site to see if they had opened the code.The project link at now takes you to I hope it’s a joke and not a vaporware indicator. I wonder what the hell they were on at Burning Man? Looks like Maxwell is taking credit for it, github is up.

Thank you Cyberduck

Posted: 8th September 2010 by Chris in Development, Software, Web
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Thank you for the quick update. The permission resets and chmod’s were really starting to wear me down.

No, I’m not a wizard.

Posted: 30th August 2010 by Chris in Web
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I’m in banning more IP addresses from referral spammers today and have a little time for a quick aside. In the last week, I’ve been asked to help with several home networks. Three times I’ve been asked how in the world I knew what the routers’ IP addresses were. I’m not a wizard… There are [...]

The Google Gambit

Posted: 14th August 2010 by Chris in General, News, Web
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The Google and Verizon deal. Man, it’s got to suck to be Verizon at this point. I bet they thought they had a powerful ally in Google and were slobbering at the chance to cash in. It’s pretty plain to see that Google can’t lose in this scenario. Net neutrality = big win. Tiered internet [...]

Dogs and soap.

Posted: 27th July 2010 by Chris in General, Web
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Who knew? Fight club style soap (minus the midnight run) and dog training. This will be a hoot.

Cyveillance bot

Posted: 20th July 2010 by Chris in Rant, Web
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The scenario: You set up a new website and are excited for the client to kick the tires. You check logs regularly, and see someone from the correct town hitting the site. But, it looks like they aren’t really sure what’s going on, and then send something that resembles someone fishing for an old exploit. [...]

A suggestion for

Posted: 15th July 2010 by Chris in Development, Rant, Software, Web
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I registered over there today and looked through the listings. Here are a couple of things that I think would be good ideas: Add captcha to try and stop all the scripted autobids from Bulgaria. How in the world can anyone posting a project take any of the bids seriously with that going on? Much [...]

Once again…

Posted: 6th July 2010 by Chris in Development, Software, Web
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… I was fooled. It looked like Windows might be the path of least resistance for a project. And, once again, burned. There’s three hours of my life I’ll never get back. Hello again, Ubuntu.

Lots of stuff to experiment with.

Posted: 4th July 2010 by Chris in Development, Software, Web
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I read a post over at Smiley Cat about a Java script physics engine that is located on Sourceforge. I’m going to use it for the splash page  at A couple of good examples of what is possible with it are: The Google search is pretty awesome. I’m getting tired of CMS and blog platforms, [...]