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Getting really tired…

Posted: 5th October 2008 by Chris in Rant, Web
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… of whatever Microsoft is doing with their inept search bots. The most informative thread so far is over at webmaster world. I’m still getting the same type of stupid one word searches, but now they have changed it up.  The “form=QBHP” deal is the same, but check out the referral link: Uh hunh [...]

Fear and Loathing at the Coffee Shop

Posted: 13th September 2008 by Chris in Denver, General, Rant
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I started the morning (or day to be more accurate) with a jaunt down to one of the local coffee shops. I had my laptop along and sat out on the patio to catch up on blogs, twitters, myspaces, and brightkites. I broke from my usual fare and had a chai, enjoying it out on [...]

Cottonwoods, iPods, and retard bumpers.

Posted: 18th June 2007 by Chris in Biking, Denver, General, Rant
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One of the reasons I love living in Denver so much is my ability to hop on a bike and pretty much go anywhere. Today I rode with a friend up the Cherry Creek path. It was a very nice ride. We stopped at Daz Bog for coffee and goodies. The path was covered with [...]

Summer of Gas – Enron Style

Posted: 20th May 2007 by Chris in Denver, General, News, Rant
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Gas prices are up. It’s not surprising to me that the Steve Raabe of the Rocky Mountain News is reporting this morning that four refineries that supply gas to Colorado are shut down or running below capacity for “maintenance and repairs”. To me, it smells of the “screw California” move that Enron rolled out to [...]

Service Contracts

Posted: 18th May 2007 by Chris in General, Rant
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There are some days when it is very apparent that some companies just don’t care about service.  We leased a color printer to do marketing material. The lease is with a well known local company that advertises heavily on drive time radio. Today, the printer began folding thicker paper in two instead of printing on [...]

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Sometimes I just wonder what goes on in peoples’ heads.  Take a look at Trek’s new single-speed. A 26″ rear wheel and a 29″ front wheel — why carry one spare tube, when you can carry two? Not to mention that fork, is that a triple crown, on a single-speed? Leave the hare-brained ideas to [...]